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Integrity Financial Solutions is committed to helping you reach your financial destination.

A Few of Our Services



There are so many questions to answer. At what age will I be able to retire? Will I have enough assets so that I don’t outlive my income? More →

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

With some time and preparation we can make such a terrible time of loss a little easier with concise and understood directives. More →

Debt Reduction

Debt Reduction

Debt can devastate relationships and your peace of mind. There is a way to pay off debt and gain control of your financial life. More →

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance can help you transfer the risk of your lost income or outstanding debts, and college savings. More →


The foundation to any successful financial plan is a budget that is simple, functional and fluid. We help you design a plan that works just for you. More →

Estate Planning

Health Insurance

As an independent broker we can shop all of the top rated companies to find the one that would work best for you. We can offer free quotes upon request. More →

Debt Reduction


Free financial seminars such as: Cross Current for churches; Financial Balance for groups, and businesses; and a Sr. Advisory workshop. More →

Life Insurance


We have partnered with Connexus Group to work with our unique clients in the areas of business consulting/planning and executive coaching. More →

Our Process

Meet with our expert agents to:

  • Design a comprehensive financial plan based on goals that are important to YOU.
  • Map out the steps that are needed to reach your goals.
  • Meet with our agents after they have compiled easy to read reports that show you how to "make it happen!"
  • Our agents will follow up with you to answer questions and help you reach your goals....we are looking for life time clients, not one time customers.
  • We do not work for an insurance company or any securities firm. Our goal is not to "Sell" you on anything. We simply want to listen to you, perform diligent research, and bring back solutions that best fits your needs.

Where Do You Stand?

  • Do you have a Last Will and Testament in place or updated?

  • Do you have a Power of Attorney for Health Care and Finance?

  • Do you have a Living Will?

  • Do you have adequate Life Insurance?

  • Do you have a Monthly Budget in place that works?

  • Do you have an Emergency Fund?

  • Do you have strategy for Debt Reduction?

with a professional agent today!