Integrity Financial Solutions is committed to the re-education of Godís people. Secular society has presented people with a greedy, self-oriented, and self-focused view of money. We believe that through mentoring, discipleship, and an ongoing relationship, we can present our clients with a Biblical, God-centered perspective of what is expected of us financially according to the Word of God. Our highest priority is to accurately interpret the principles outlined in the Bible, through wisdom and prayer, so that we may be able to implement these teachings in our clientís daily lives in order to glorify God.


Integrity Financial Solutions is a ministry to reach out to all those who want the blessings of the Lord in their financial lives. Through accurately and humbly teaching the principles outlined in God’s Word, and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to allow for financial stability in the lives of God’s children.


Meet with an Professional Agent to:

  • Design a comprehensive financial plan based on goals that are important to YOU.
  • Map out the steps are needed to reach your goals.
  • Meet with our agents after they have compiled easy to read reports that show you how to “make it happen!”
  • Our agents will follow up with you to answer questions and help you reach your goals….we are looking for life time clients, not one time customers.
  • We do not work for an insurance company or any securities firm.
  • Our goal is not to “Sell” you on anything.
  • We simply want to listen to you, perform diligent research, and bring back solutions that best fits your needs.

Planning for your future

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